About Me

Who am I?





I graduated from the University of Milan with a degree in Philosophy and a specialization in Psychology. My doctorate thesis was “Problem Solving: Insight or Process?” My assumption is that the real transformation of a problem doesn’t happen via insight or process, but through the recognition and the transcending of our conditioning.



Soon after, I completed a 4-year curriculum with the European Union of Yoga (EUY) in Italy, becoming a certified yoga instructor where I promote and protect the traditional essence of yogic teachings as well as uphold the spiritual maturity of yoga students. In my final thesis, I explored the inner workings of human beings with a deep analysis of Feminine Principles.



Most recently, I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) with a specialization in Hormone Health, a school that strives to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness for all of us on this planet. Combining the study of diet theories and the science of nutrition, I now know and understand the best and most innovative coaching tools to get one through a sustainable, durable, and healthy transformation.



Great and honorable masters from the East and the West have accompanied me on this journey towards knowledge of a healthier self. My path has been a continuous revelation where again and again, it is proven that what we see and experience is so very limited. I want to share a new, enlightened vision with all.